Editorial Policy

We live in an age of quiet subterfuge where many sites or magazines will create content that has been paid for and present it as independent.

Butc(h)er follows a different path.

First off, this site is small enough that advertisers haven’t discovered us yet. So what you see here is pure and unadulterated by any influence.

If I’ve tried something and I like it, I’ll feature it on the site.

If I haven’t tried something personally, but it fits with a certain outfit, or it’s something on my list to personally try as soon as time and funds allow, I’ll feature it.

Butc(h)er will never publish content that has been sponsored without making it clear and obvious that it’s sponsored. I will also not publish sponsored content simply to make money – the sponsors I partner with have been vetted to be sure their products are in line with our goal here at Butc(h)er: to empower masculine women to “stand in their truth” and live their best lives.

Simple. Clear. Honest.