Welcome to Butc(h)er.

Butc(h)er is a resource for butch women.  It seeks to fill the gap between “men’s interest” magazines/blogs and “women’s interest” magazines/blogs.  Here we explore the world as women interested in “manly” values, style, gear, and pursuits.

We are women who express ourselves in ways that society deems “masculine”. We are interested the clothes, gear, hobbies, and pursuits that mainstream culture designates as “manly”.

We read men’s magazines but wish they spoke more to us.  We like men’s style, but maybe haven’t quite figured out how to own it and make it feel like a comfortable second skin.  We like the virtues and etiquette typically assigned to men and want to incorporate those aspects into our own lives.  We want to be the prototypical “gentleman,” but we don’t want to be men.

We are seeking lives of honor and ethics and style and class by walking a path that spans the dichotomy of gender roles.  We are butch women and we define our lives by choosing to embrace both the feminine and masculine dimensions of ourselves.

This blog is an exploration of that path.

If you’ve ever picked up a men’s magazine like Esquire or GQ and wished that you could learn more about how to be a well-dressed butch;

If you’ve ever read an article about relationships, but couldn’t relate to the heterosexual stereotypes;

If you need advice on learning how to cook or decorating your apartment or buying gifts for that girl that makes your heart flip;

If you’re curious about hobbies that are typically associated with men;

If you’ve ever been the tomboy or the sporty girl;

If you’ve ever dressed androgynously but wanted to go further;

If you are a seeker, a searcher, a wanderer or a dreamer;

If you want to explore more about what it means to live as a butch woman;

If you are tired of trying to hide your butch;

If you want to embrace who you really are; or

If you have a butch woman in your life and you want to understand her better,

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I started Butc(h)er as a way to explore the world through the lens of a masculine-leaning woman, to continue learning, to gather resources and information, and to ask questions.

I wanted one place I could compile the lessons I’ve learned about travel, style & fashion, living, relationships, cooking, decorating, health, and personal growth.

Butc(h)er is a blog about growing into your butch self.  It’s a place to ask questions and seek answers about what it means to be butch, how that shapes the world for us, and how we can be our best selves.

Drop us a line at writebutcher at gmail dot com.