Why You Should Wear A Watch and 10 Picks for Fall

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The thing that limits analog watches is also the single best argument for why you should wear one: they only do one thing. They tell time. That’s it.

Last year I was at a luncheon at a fancy country club for a work networking event. The host of the event introduced the first speaker, then stepped away from the podium and stood nearby while she talked. In the ten minutes she was speaking, the host checked his cell phone over a dozen times. It was impossible to tell if he was checking emails, getting texts, or watching his twitter feed. Or, you know, maybe he was just watching the time to keep the event on schedule. You couldn’t tell. That’s exactly the point.

Yes, your phone has a clock and you always have it with you. But there are some times when it is not appropriate to pull your phone out just to check the time. If that host had looked at his wrist a dozen times, everyone would have assumed he was worrying about the time.

The other benefit of wearing a watch is that they are a true accessory. No cell phone/pocket computer is ever going to be mistaken for a Rolex. No one wants to hear the origin story of your smartphone. But when I wear my throwback digital Casio, everyone remarks on having one like it when they were young. When I wear a square faced watch, people make note that it’s a bit unusual. I choose my watch each morning based on the rest of my outfit. When I’m hiking or kayaking, I don’t wear my dress watch. Likewise, I don’t wear a Nato strap to the symphony.

One last thing about a wrist watch. The universal gesture for “we’re almost finished here” is a glance to your wrist. It actually works even if you aren’t wearing a watch – try it sometime.

*Checks wrist*

Well, that about wraps it up, folks.

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