Did you know (about cats)?

Did you know that cats have eyelashes?  And whiskers on the back of their front legs? Did you know they get age spots like big brown freckles inside of their little orange ears?  Did you know they have preferences like hating to sit on a certain blanket or always need to be on a specific spot on the couch?

Have you ever realized how observant they are? They know that in the afternoon the sun shines on the floor in the guest room before moving to the floor in the master bedroom. They know the specific sequence of noises you make when getting their food ready and somehow tell the difference between when you are washing a plate and getting water warm to pour over their food. They can tell the difference between fried sloppy eggs and scrambled eggs from the next room. Did you know they can smell as well as dogs and that their favorite smell is rotisserie chicken?  

Did you ever see a scaredy-cat turn into a superhero when his brother cat gets attacked?  The cat who is afraid of the vacuum, the door opening, the fridge door slamming, and the sound of sneezing all of the sudden can leap 10 feet across a room to fight a  visiting rescue dog pitbull 4x his size. 

Did you ever see a big orange cat have a hunting dream?  Everything twitches and his feet run a little and you can almost follow his dream sequence just by watching. 

Did you ever see the connection between cat brothers?  Littermates to be precise and when the big one gets sick and lies quietly by the door for days on end the little one sits nearby instead of hanging out in his usual spot in the living room. Just being close so brother is not alone. 

Did you know that you can train a cat?  Snappy fingers mean knock it off or get out of the freaking kitchen!  Kissing noises mean treats or come snuggle. The sound of cat nail clippers means come and wait your turn and treats will follow. 

Did you ever see a cat light up with excitement?  How do they know the second you bring cat grass into the house?

Did you ever learn how to do a cat blinky kiss?  Stare for just a moment into your cat’s eyes. Lift your chin just slightly and blink slowly. And there it is – the cat’s slow blink back with the faint cat smile. Break my heart!  

Did you ever see a cat and know that they were yours?  That they would teach you how to be a good human and what a cat needs?  Did you ever see a cat and want to take them home? How could you know that they would teach you everything if you would only pay attention?  

Did you ever see a cat and think “I could love that guy” only to look around all those years later and think “how can I live without this guy by my side?”  Did you ever make a home and bring a cat inside, and before you know it, home isn’t actually home without that cat inside. 

Did you ever love a cat and have to let them go?  Did you ever have to make the hardest choice because it’s your job to do what best for them even if it’s hard? Did you ever love a cat and have to say goodbye?  And when you have, who’s there to watch you cry?

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