7 favorite menswear blogs

I’ve learned almost all I know about mens style and fashion from internet mentors. I started my style journey around the same time that menswear blogs hit the scene in the late aughts. I learned the difference between preppy and streetwear, vintage and luxury, budget watches and heirloom timepieces. I’ve synthesized information from the world wide webs to form my own style, but I’m never done learning.

I want to share some of my favorite resources. These are the sites I visit frequently to get tips to beat the summer heat, apartment decor, cocktail making, and mens fashion and style. These writers are constantly inspiring me in all ways to improve my life, both inside and out. If you’re learning to dress better, these sites will help guide you in the right direction.

1. Primer Magazine.

Without a doubt, my favorite site. I could link to nearly every article Andrew and his team put out. I have learned about everything from how clothes should fit to the toughest looking boots to how to style a room. Also, everything you see on the site is actually affordable. You know – for us normal actual middle income folk.

Some of the best posts on Primer are focused on discipline and self-development. Andrew always seems to put out just the article I need to hone my summer style or reflect on my drinking or motivate me to hit the gym.

It is hands down my go-to site for both style and lifestyle content.

I’m linking to categories as well as specific posts here because I think Primer is one of the deepest resources for figuring out how to dress and live better. Primer Magazine.


Some of my favorite posts:

2. Dappered.

Dappered is another go-to site for me. Waaaaayyyyy back when menswear blogs were in their infancy, Dappered was featuring affordable clothing options and advice on how those items should fit so you didn’t waste your hard-earned money. They have some of the best sale alerts/features, making it easier to get more bang for your buck.

I think Joe includes a great mix of casual clothing as well as “smart casual” or business casual. His Style Scenario series covers everything from watching the USWNT to a summer date night. Dappered.


Some of my favorite posts:

3. Essential man

Peter’s Essential Man is so real. I always feel like I’m hanging out with a buddy and bullshitting over drinks when I read his articles. He uses perfect illustrations that really make his advice clear and easy to understand. He breaks things down so you can understand style talk even if you’ve never even attempted to dress better before. His Table of Contents makes his incredible huge style guides really easy to navigate. I love that his content is clear, easy to follow, and makes it really easy to make progress in dressing better. The Essential Man.

Favorite Posts:

4. The Modest Man.

A menswear blog for short guys! It is so nice to read articles that solve clothing problems related to being short. Brock clearly puts a lot of time and energy into crafting well-researched articles.

He’s gathered resources on everything from watches to shoes to shirts for those of us who are “spatially efficient”. It is so validating to read every article and know it’s written from the perspective of another human facing and solving the same style problems as I face.

His series on Men of Modest Height normalizes style for those of us on the smaller/shorter side. His detailed styled guide break things down so you can actually see things and understand them. It’s basically like listening to a good friend explain how your pants can fit better. The Modest Man.

Favorite posts:

5. Style Girlfriend.

The ladies at SG are like those cool and cute girls at the popular table in the cafeteria – except they are nice and they are interested in helping you look better. Their articles are witty and clever and real and it feels like maybe your cool (straight) best friend is helping you pick out your best clothes so you feel confident and dapper as hell.

SG covers a broad range of styles from classic to streetwear, business to athleisure. There’s something for everyone. Along with style, they cover lifestyle topics like grooming and travel so you can live your best life in all facets. Oh, and if you’re into it, they will even take the guess work out of figuring out style and shop for you. Style Girlfriend.

Favorite posts:

6. Effortless Gent.

Barron over on Effortless Gent has been putting out great content since the beginning of menswear as a thing. Over the years, he has covered just about every angle possible of dressing better. He’s got great articles covering basics, articles about style for specific scenarios, downloadable guides for building a lean wardrobe. If you’ve wondered “how do I wear . . .” Barron has probably written a nice article answering that question.

Favorite posts:

7. Valet.

The guys at Valet. put out great content everyday. I like the range of content they cover; everything from links to great articles to sunscreen to home decor is featured. I also like how polished the site looks and how easy it is to navigate. They link to a lot of great recipes for food and drink. It’s not made clear on the site how much of their content is pay to play or advertorial in nature, but I enjoy all the gear and information they’ve introduced me to. Valet.


These are the sites I find myself on every day. Some of them, like Primer and Dappered, have been really instrumental in teaching me how to dress better. Some offer fun links; some are better at delving into deeper issues. If you want to dress better or decorate your apartment more like a grown up, check out the content on these sites. Read their back catalogs of articles. Learn as much as you can from them and then use that knowledge to craft your own dapper style.

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