Everyday Carry Dopp Kit

You’ve heard of Everyday Carry, right?  The site features what people carry with them everyday.  While that might sound odd to the newcomer, there is something compelling about seeing what other people consider their essential gear for a day.  These items have come to be known as our “everyday carry” or “EDC” for short.

A butch should have her own EDC which includes those essential items we want with us at all times.  I break down my EDC into items in my pockets and items in my EDC Dopp kit.  I keep some items like my pocket knife, pocket notebook, and handkerchief in my pockets at all times.  But I never want to be the guy with bulging pockets and there are many items that I need but only occasionally.  This is where the EDC Dopp kit comes in handy.

We usually hear about Dopp kits in the context of travel.  There are a gazillion guides to packing the perfect Dopp kit for your trip.  I think the Dopp kit is also the perfect tool for containing the gear I want with me everyday, but don’t want to carry in my pockets.  Since I carry a bag or briefcase everyday, it makes sense to include that gear in my bag.  I don’t want them all loose and jumbled and making a huge mess, so I bought a small Dopp kit at Target and filled it with my auxiliary EDC gear.

What do you put in an EDC Dopp kit?  Well, I include items that will help me be prepared for those situations that come up frequently.  I’m kinda clumsy, so I need stain remover and Band-aids.  I carry some over the counter pain relievers and tampons.  Some hygiene items like deodorant or floss are invaluable when you need them.  The easiest way to fill up your kit is to head to your nearest Target or Walgreens and visit the travel size healthy and beauty section.

Here’s an example of my EDC Dopp kit that I would carry in my bag:

Everyday Carry, Dopp Kit

Travel deodorant, floss, hairspray, travel wipes, lighter, flashlight, whistle, stain removers, chapstick, safety pins,  floss picks, glasses cleaning cloth, breath mints, glasses repair kit, Tums, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers, Band-aids, lotion,  sunscreen, multitool, auto escape tool, eye drops, ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol pills, super glue, Dopp Kit